Master Degree
Name: Master of Science Program (Public Health)
         : M.Sc. (Public Health) Major in Family Health

MSc. (Public Health) major in Family Health Program is integrated between the family health and public health knowledge with the disciplinary on student-based approach.  In teaching process, this course aimed to produce graduates with clear knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles, with the ethics, leadership, creative talent, academic work, public health research, and the potential for developing their own research. students will get the real experience that it can lead to a leading personnel on the health promotion and improving the quality of life of all mankind.

Expected Careers

  1. 1. Health Operating Officer of  the International organizations and National organization.

  2. 2. Academics and researchers in community health centers, local administrative organizations, Hospital, University,and NGOs

  3. 3. Public Health Providers on promotion and development

  4. 4. Public Health Providers on academics services

  5. 5. Other related with health care provider


Requirements for Admission
 1. All who hold a bachelor degree or equivalent in sciences (Nursing and midwifery, Public Health Nursing, Psychology), Nursing, Public Health or Health related programme with at least completed 9 credits of basic learning experiences in science subjects.
 2. Obtained G.P.A. at least 2.5
 3. Working experience in public health or related to the health at least one year.

  1. 4.Other conditions except from those mentioned above, may be considered to apply for Director of Family Health Department and Dean of Graduate School


Estimated Tuition and Fees
The estimated free per person.
1) Master's degree (Regular program)  = 92,600 THB
2) Master's degree (Special program) = 117,800 THB