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Department of Family Health was established as one of the teaching units of the Faculty of Public Health since 1948. But originally it was combined with the Department of Public Health Administration and called "Department of Public Health Administration and Maternal and Child Welfare". Till 1967, this department was split into 2 departments, one was the Department of Public Health Administration and another was the Department of Maternal and Child Health
At the beginning in 1948, the department only involved in the teaching of M.P.H. students. Later in 1955 it also involved in the teaching of Public Health Nursing students for Maternal and Child Health Course. The department has been offering the courses in Maternal and Child Health for students since it was established. But Family Planning has only been brought in since 1968. In December 1993 the department's name was changed from Maternal and Child Health to "Family Health". To fulfill the main functions of the university, the department has also been carrying on the research projects together with health care services in the community beside teaching activity.
The development of the department has been achieved under the leadership of the following heads:-.
1. Professor Chindabha  Sayanha-Vikasit, M.D., M.P.H. (Minn.), S.M. in Hyg.(Harvard): 1948 - 1974
2. Professor Tongchai  Papasarahorn, M.D., M.P.H. S.M. in Hyg.(Harvard): 1974 - 1975.
3. Professor Anusith  Rajatasilpin, M.D., M.P.H., S.M. in Hyg. (Harvard): 1975 - 1976.
4. Professor Pensri  Phijaisanit, M.D., M.P.H., Diplomate in the American Board of Pediatrics: 1976 -1995.
5. Associate Professor Sirikul  Isaranurug, M.D.,M.P.H.(UNC-CH), Diploma of Thai Board of Pediatrics, Diploma of Thai Board of Preventive Medicine: 1996. -2000.
6. Associate Professor Phitaya  Charupoonphol, D.V.M., M.D., D.T.M. & H., M.P.H.M., FCFPT. Diploma Thai Board of Preventive Medicine, Diploma Thai Board of General Practitioner: 2000-2006.
7. Associate Professor Jarueyporn  Suparp B.Sc. (Medical Science), M.D., M.P.H (Urban Health), Diploma Thai Board of Family Medicine: 2006-2010
8. Assistant Professor Kanittha  Chamroonsawardi, Ph.D. : 2010-2013
9. Associate Professor Sutham  Nanthamongkolchai, Ph.D. : June 2013 - July 2017
10. Assistant Professor Chaiwat Wog-arsa, M.Sc.: 4 July 2017 - Present


  1. 1. To develop an appropriate curriculum and teaching process to produce graduates with the knowledge and analytical knowledge on family health, and graduates can analysis the problem, developing the research and planning to solve the problem with a moral, an ethical, a leadership

  2. 2. To study the body of knowledge that will benefit the development of health and quality of family life.

  1. 3. To provide the academic services on family health to individuals and organizations as lecturer, speaker, consultant, academic training, consulting, conferences, seminar, and other services to the community

Department of Family Health is an institution that focuses on teaching and research on the knowledge of family health for the benefit of improving quality of life and family health. Three main missions include

  1. 1. Teaching; curriculum and teaching process are developed to suitable to produce graduates with the knowledge  about analysis, synthesis, and research, that can solve the problem while there are workable, with a moral, ethical and leadership.

  2. 2. Research work; continuing research to improve the knowledge and innovation that will benefit the development of health and quality of family life.

  3. 3. Academic services: providing the academic services to individuals and organizations such as an external lecturer, be a consultant, provide academic training, consulting, academic symposium, and other community services.



  1. 1. Master of Science (Public Health) Majors in Family Health (Regular program)

  2. 2. Master of Science (Public Health) Major in Family Health (Special program)

  3. 3. Doctor of Public Health (International Program) Major in Family Health